CSP Europe

European development

Throughout the years CSP have been able to adapt themselves to the requirements and to meet the needs of their laboratory customers.

A wide range of constantly adaptable services are available today for pharmaceutical laboratories whether they be start-ups, or SMEs or big international groups.


A Fully Flexible provision of Services

Even if CSP offer the widest or ranges of service on the market this offer still remains fully flexible and adaptable to each and every laboratory.  Their desire is to provide their customers with the most adaptable scalable solution.


A perfect mastering of logistic operations from reception of the goods thru to their deliveries

CSP have put in place a quality management system responding to local regulation constraints as well as to the international laboratories requirements and standards.

Their quality assurance system is shared between all their employees thanks to an in-house documentary IT working tool and their operators are especially trained to strictly respect procedures and instructions established in the catalogues of requirements of their customers.

Flash audits are regularly organised to verify the respecting of Best Practices which guarantees the laboratories the good carrying out of daily operations.


Maximun Traceability on Operations

Their IT system also provides the means of accurately controlling their activity.  The use of radio frequencies within the warehouses, coupled with the bar codes and Datamatrix codes, give them perfect traceability of the pallets, packages and cartons of products which have been entrusted to them. Their software environment enables them to pilot all their activities both quality and productivity wise.


Proven experience in the deploying of logistics sites as well as in projects management

Bolstered by their success with French Laboratories they opened a first Belgian branch. This first successful experience was done on the strength of the perfect mastering of the deployment model by their specialized teams.  In fact, CSP have put together a department dedicated to studying the setting up of logistics projects on behalf of their customers.  Those iterative methods employed over the years fed an in-house structured knowledge date base used for their own development.  Whether it is be for new logistics projects or a creation or optimization of existing installations, our Engineering and Projects Department ensures the coordination of required operations.

In this way, all the enlarging of premises on the Moussy-le-Neuf and Cournon d’Auvergne plants were put in place by following this methodology.

What’s more all their customers benefit from their know-how from each of their projects.  Whether it be a transfer of activities, the launching of a new range, a temporary contingency plan, all our projects lend themselves to the same basic principles.


Business partnerships are in Place especially to South Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal. To these countries our pharmaceutical partners provide a robust dedicated logistic to health products with local released transport network. Then conversely, CSP is the partner in France of this new professional network: Logic Pharma Partners.


Make use of our experience and knowhow and innovate continuously :

Our goals are quite simple, but very ambitious. We want to keep our current leading position in France and provide to pharmaceutical companies, on demand European tangible solution.