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Customer services

CSP is a customer centric company

Whenever you call the CSP customer services all your requests are noted and treated within the shortest delay.  Every time you contact them an intervention file is created which give them a precise follow-up of each call listed by motive.

Your request will always be treated by the same agent so as to guarantee a customized follow-up of your file.

Each one of their collaborators is especially trained in all the operational modes of their laboratory clients and in the constraints linked to the used distribution channels (hospitals, pharmacist customers).

Thanks to their shared real-time IT system their teams are simultaneously linked to all the tracking data of your order from the moment it’s registered.

In order to improve the carrying out of your filed request they have a dedicated intervention unit to healthcare establishments and wholesale distributors.

As a pharmaceutical depository CSP are expected to have total transparency in regards to laboratories, which means, that every incidence is studied in detail and that our customer services take care to put in place preventive or curative measures, if and when necessary, and in this way guarantee the upmost quality service.

All the collected data are systematically reported to the laboratories.


Other missions provided by CSP Customer Services :

  • Follow-up of the assigned products and the respect of quotas of samples delivered in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Appointments taken for Medical Delegates’ deliveries (According to the contract drawn up with the laboratory)