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Hospital tender management

Hospital tender management

Our department dedicated to the management of hospital contracts ensures a documentary watch and monitoring of publications in metropolitan France and the French overseas departments and territories on behalf of its customers.

Once the search for competitive public tenders has been finalised (BOAMP, JOUE, etc.), our department downloads the consultation file, selects the molecules from the information provided by its customers and corresponding to their product portfolios.

CSP provides a real contract management service to laboratories requesting this. We analyse the specifications and draw up the price offer according to the instructions issued by the principal laboratory.

The commercial policy is defined by the laboratory: price to be applied, minimum order, shipping costs, certificates to be attached, etc.

We obtain all the updated mandatory documents.

Paperless procedure 

dematerialisation des procedures

CSP has always been committed to offering its customers the most innovative technologies. The Public Procurement Code requires that formalised procedures be responded to electronically.

This is why CSP, as part of its ecological commitment (ISO 14001, 45 001 standards) and during round tables organised with major contract stakeholders, has decided to provide its customers with the technical resources necessary for this technological transition. CSP supports you in responding to contracts electronically and obtaining secure digital certificates.


Online consultation and tracking of contracts

CSP can provide laboratories with a dedicated portal for online contract management via a secure login.
This space allows in particular for individual management of contracts and tracking of administrative files (contracts won, contracts lost, contracts in progress, contracts pending notification, etc.).

April 2019: Year 1 of the Public Procurement Code

From Order No. 2018-1074 of 26/11/2018 and Decree No. 2018-1075 of 3 December 2018.