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Invoicing and accounting management

Invoicing and accounting management

Simplified Administrative Procedures :

  • Invoicing

Within their own invoicing system and the one of their customers CSP can manage the printing of letter-headed invoices or under the letter-headings of the laboratory and take in charge the sending to your customer addressees (pharmacists, hospitals, clinics, wholesalers, healthcare centres).

Invoicing is completely transparent for the receiver of the products:  he receives an invoice by laboratory supplier.

CSP regularly send pooled statements of the invoicing of orders to their laboratory customers.


  • Receipt of Payments

CSP also take in charge your customers’ receipt of payments on behalf of third party and carry out any retrocession of received funds within a 10 day period.

Particular care is given over to the receiving of payments together with their customer relationship management.

CSP’s software environment includes the management of credit notes on invoices, and provides an intelligent system of dunning procedure for the customer addressees and the running of contentious cases in the recovery action for non-payment. 


A management Tool in its own right

CSP provide management with complete transparency of your customers portfolio with regular communicates of advanced statistical and financial statements.

You can have easy access at any time to the most up-to-date information you could need.

Orders, Stock, Invoicing, statistical statements, via a CSP extranet tracking platform (Secured access through individual authentication).


A Service which really meets your needs

For CSP every customer is unique and simply on request you have an entirely customisable service at your disposal.

Examples of services on request: promotional inserts on your invoices, personal messages, addressees customer targeting for specific information, e-invoicing.

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