IT systems

IT systems

An evaluative proprietary ERP to address every situation

CSP has chosen to have a specific, customized and entirely adapted to pharmaceutics logistics ERP developed by Capgemini.  CSP as owner of their own ERP ensure its upkeep and development thanks to a team of almost a score of data processing specialists.

This upgradable software environment enables CSP to have at hand, a well-adapted tool to meet their every need and those of their customers.  This tool is common to all the services of the company (Reception of the Products, Warehousing, Sales Administration, and what’s more their After Sales Services).


Pooling of information and inter-connection between the different departments


These large scale investments, at the heart of the IT system, have been done to include a set of tools used by the different departments of the company.  The use of these latest technologies enables the upholding of overall traceability in the movement of stock and even allows computerized management in the placing of the stored products in relation to their different criteria thus simplifying the warehouse handlers’ job.

The major advantage for our customers is to respect the priority in distribution FEFO (First Expired, First Out) and to optimise the dispatching of product whilst taking into account their particularities.


Duplication of the data for more safety

The highest levels of security have been applied to the protection of these data.  Our computer servers are relayed to remote computer secured servers and all the data are permanently duplicated.  For that CSP have four independent IT rooms.