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Medical sampling management

Whether it be for an assigned sample for one of your customers or in the case of an invitation to tender or even for your medical delegates, CSP can take in charge, the management of the sending of medical samples, for you. 



CSP is empowered to undertake the transformation of products for sale into samples models.  The manufacturing operations are carried out on site in dedicated workshops under the watchful eye of the pharmacist.

Requests for samples (prescriptions) are transferred to a dedicated unit within the sales administrative office. A strict control is carried out on the documents (identification of the prescriber).  The management of quotas per product/medicine are carried out by CSP.

Several transport solutions, including the taking of appointments, re-delivery, etc., are provided by CSP so as to ensure that the handing out of samples takes place in the upmost conditions of traceability.

The management of samples to be handed out in the context of hospital tenders follows a specific procedure driven by the customers’ service as well as the hospital procurement service of CSP. This is so as to guarantee perfect labelling of the products and their delivery on the deadline imposed by the hospital establishment.

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