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Order preparation

order preparation

We use the latest technology to ensure traceability of all the flows inside our pharmaceutical warehouses. Our systems are capable of reading SSCC codes, barcodes, Data matrix, RFID 4D and NFC.

Our preparation processes use the most demanding control tools.

CSP has set up order preparation areas designed for each type of activity.

  • Order preparation under temperature :
    • ambient
    • +15°C/ +25°C
    • +2°C/+8°C
    • - 21°C 

Our buildings provide the means to perform special operations. Specific workshops or buildings for the preparation of sensitive products allow for the provision of specific processing with specially trained personnel.

  • Specific order preparation workshops :
    • Export
    • Supermarkets, Parapharmacies, shop in shop,
    • POS, display stands
    • Promotional equipment
    • Equipment, medical machines (impact detection)
    • Narcotics
    • Highly sensitive value-added products
    • Products for clinical trials, ATU protocols (Temporary Authorisations for Use)
    • Spare parts
    • Hospital specimens
    • Medical samples
    • Medical equipment after sales workshops

Our processes are part of continuous improvement of services programmes in order to reach quality objectives and also our customers’ logistic budget optimisation targets.

Managing clinical trials

The CSP provision of infrastructure and tools ensure adapted management of human and animal healthcare products at different levels such as :

  • storage, insulation of products and numeric identification (codes)
  • secondary packaging  and experimental labelling of products manufacturing operations (excepting in blinded products)
  • preparing of orders
  • delivery of clinical trials

This is so as to guarantee step by step maximum traceability in compliance with the regulations in force.

The upmost mastering of labelling operations together with a 100% control of high sensitive products enables CSP to provide the taking in charge of the distribution for the clinical studies investigating centres as well as the eventual feedback on behalf of the clinical trials’ promoter.

CSP can also carry out the importing of human or veterinary non-commercialized products’ operations where necessary.

Authorisations of temporary use

CSP is able to ensure the logistic management of the Authorizations of Temporary Use (ATU):

  • Individual ATU
  • Cohorte or group  ATU

In fact, thanks to powerful tracking tools and a especially well  trained staff  on these operations, CSP can insulate the concerned medicines, put in place a case by case preparing installation ; and to follow the units of  medicines individually through to the final recipient.  (In compliance with the regulations in force).

Labelling operations and the inserting of specific documents are carried out in dedicated areas.