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Ordering management France

Thanks to its IT Department, CSP is able to use the latest order transmission systems. Computer interfaces are developed and set up between our customers’ information systems and our ERP. Our systems are also interfaced with the information systems of your commercial service providers, external sales forces, call centres and web sites. We also take care of orders received directly from your customers, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors. These are entered into our system manually. We then take care of managing sales terms and conditions, contracts, payment and settlement terms. 

Orders from France and some orders from abroad can be integrated via EDI.

The transport plan is included in our processes very early on so as to take into consideration the particular processing features of your customers on the one hand, but also delivery time, volume and budget optimisation requirements.

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Some customers also need specific services; a hospital may require special palletisation or a specific truck for unloading. A chemist’s may want us to collect its pallet with a display stand; a medical representative may want to receive their documentation by making an appointment so as not to lose time on the ground. All these particularities can be integrated by our information system.

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