Historical review

Oprichting en regionale ontwikkeling
Oprichting en regionale ontwikkeling

Founding and local development

  • 1951 : Marcel Baudry, founder and depository sets up the orignal section C pharmaceutical road haulage company in Clermont-Ferrand (France).
  • 1969 : Jean Paul BAUDRY becomes CEO and Responsible Pharmacist.
1974 :

Building of headquarters
in Cournon d’Auvergne

Local development and European expansion
Setting up of Fosses pharmaceutical section C branch.
Registration on the Haulage Register as a independant haulage company.
Opening of the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant
Obtaining of the forwarding agent License.
Defining of a European strategy and redefining of a quality management program.
Building of the Moussy-le-Neuf plant (France).
Storage capacity of Moussy-le-Neuf doubled.
Installing of both a packaging and sorting & picking line.
Setting up of EPL (Euro Pharma Logistics).
Installing of a preparation and sorting line of standard packages.
The years 2000
Building of the 3rd stage of the Moussy-le-Neuf plant.
Building of the Cournon d’Auvergne extension and of the new headquarters.
4th stage in the putting in place of Moussy-le-Neuf and installing of a mechanised line. Opening of a haulage agency in the region of the French Alpes.
Changeover of all the buildings into customs bonded warehouses integrating customs clearance procedures Enlargement of Cournon d’Auvergne to Herlès & Opening of a haulage company covering the northern regions of France.
Nicolas Baudry, Laure BRENAS BAUDRY appointed Chairman of the Board and Responsable Pharmacist respectively. Building of the 5th stage of the Moussy-le-Neuf plant.
Opening of the Distribution Centre in Arras
Building of the 6th stage of the Moussy-le-Neuf plant Opening of CSP BENELUX in Belgium
Re-building of Warehouses 1 and 2 in Moussy-le-Neuf. Opening of new haulage agencies in Nancy, Marseille and Toulouse,… Laure BRENAS BAUDRY, Responsible Pharmacist appointed Chairperson of the Board
Extending of Headquarters and enlarging of storage capacity in Cournon d’Auvergne. Opening of a Transport Platform in Rouen.
Stéphane BAUDRY appointed General Manager of the transport network devoted to distributing healthcare products by EUROTRANSPHARMA (previously by the CSP road haulage division) Obtaining of the Authorized Economic Operator Approval (AEO) Obtaining of the Central Procurement Agency for Pharmaceutical Membership in the world pact of the UNO
Extension of the pharmaceutical warehouses on the site of Cournon d’Auvergne. Installation of new preparation and picking lines on the sites of Cournon and Moussy-le-Neuf. Building of a new cold room at -22°C with an integrated preparation area on the site of Moussy. Development of the subsidiary in Belgium with extension of the preparation area at +2°C/+8°C as well as installation of an automated sorter.
Building of a new cold room at +2°C/+8°C with an integrated preparation area on the Parisian site.
Installation of a new detail preparation line under controlled temperatures 15°C/25°C in Moussy.
Extension of the storage area and pick & pack area atC Cournon d’Auvergne under +2°C/+8°C and 15°C/25°C
Extension of a cold chamber +2°C/+8°C at CSP Paris – Moussy-le-Neuf. New pharmaceutical warehouses for Export business and Pharmacies Purchasing center. Digital CSP the subsidiary dedicated to Digital development in pharmaceutical industry.
Building of the 7th stage of the Moussy-le-Neuf plant
Patrick Rivet, Director General for Transport
Walden (ex-EHDH) finalizes the acquisition of Movianto and becomes the leading pharmaceutical logistics and transport player in Europe. Stéphane Baudry, Chairman and CEO of Walden, is the majority shareholder of the new group. 70 years after the creation of CSP and the first pharmaceutical pre-wholesaler warehouse in Clermont-Ferrand, the Walden group becomes the leading logistics and transport group in Europe.

Bertrand Bourgogne, Chairman CSP