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Pharmaceutical logistics consultancy / Lean management

CSP has developed a programme to optimise the supply chain. Continuous improvement programmes can be developed by taking into consideration objectives of simplification or efficiency, and ultimately improvement of performance whilst containing costs.

We have the information about your supplies, about possible product shortages, but also about the details of orders to recipient customers. CSP can analyse these flows and suggest a plan to optimise the supply chain along with an estimate of the budget impact on logistic costs and on part of the sales costs.

Conseil logistique


We have seen that optimising your distribution also has an impact on our capacity to improve our performance. It is because there is also a financial gain for us in helping you with a continuous improvement plan that we are in a position to get involved in this.

Lastly, optimising orders and grouping activities together have a definite impact on energy expenditure and C0² emissions. Green logistics or green transport can only be sustainable if we are all involved. The savings are shared; the effects are visible on budgets, on quality and on the satisfaction of your customers.