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Pharmaceutical traceability

Pharmaceutical traceability

At CSP all the offices and tools are interconnected through the IT system which give the maximum traceability.


Implemented Technical Means

From its arrival into the warehouse the medicine is registered and controlled.

After being identified by the IT system (batch number, best before date, instruction for use and handling, storage location...).

All this information is directly available to every operator in CSP thanks to optical reading technologies: Data matrix, bar codes, radiofrequency communication.  Wherever the product is it can be traced within the premises.

At the level of preparing workshops, systematic weighing is carried out and a computerised algorithm verifies the compliance of the package in relation to its expected weight.

Any detected discrepancy redirects the package towards the specific audit area to be controlled.

Every move the product makes is registered and feeds a product data base as well as in the same way every operator is identified and all their actions are recorded.

All temperature controlled products are subject of very close monitoring and CSP gather all the data (before and during the transport of the product) so as to prove the respecting of the Best Distribution and Best Manufacturing Practises as well as the respecting of the Cold Chain


Management of Quality

The CSP customer services has access to the overall information in order to identify any irregularity in the distribution chain (in-house and hauliers).  Any defect or non-compliance is reported. 

CSP is committed to respecting the criteria of certification ISO 9 001 and in this way to qualify as having a certified quality system and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


Transparent Customer Relations Management and real time CSP IT access via extranet connections

CSP organisation  is based  both on transparency and data reporting and even though numerous interfaces can be developed between  a laboratory and its depository , CSP can go even further by providing secured real time access to their applications (ERP and WMS)  and also by means of their extranet, this application is rendered  user-friendly  and is already operational. What’s more it enables the laboratory, who prefers keeping their customer relations management in-house, to immediately give accurate information to their own customers.  Furthermore and together with CSP they can quickly take the right decisions in common thanks to their being able to consult the same information simultaneously.

This tool is as equally useful during audits and financial controls such as in the SOX security standard during which is it necessary to reconcile order forms, shipping bills and proof of delivery (signed customer’s reception slip).