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Quality approach

Quality approach

Here at CSP they know how much your products are precious for Public Health, therefore, they are committed to providing a quality provision of service, based on the respect of the upmost standards and thanks to a computerised piloting tool.

Their method?

On arrival on our premises, all our staff are trained in the Good Manufacturing Practices and in the Good Distribution Practices as well as in your particular quality requests in the improvement of the processes.

All their provisions of service are regularly audited by external auditors and their in-house indicators enable them to ensure that their quality of service is at its highest.

Their quality services, in direct contact with their site directors, take any necessary immediate preventive and corrective measures to ensure you a premium service.

CONTROLE PREPARATION - P1170772 - copie_0.jpg

On a daily basis, the piloting operations tools, enable the following-up and checking of the processes so as to reach the highest degrees of performance.

To this end a complete service is proposed to their customers, CSP has its own control laboratory, able to carry out both the main physico-chemical and micro-biological analysis needed in the verifying of the conformity of the products in relation to their MA file.

An intelligent system coupled with High Tech Tools:

Their IT system team has put in place a software environment designed to make easier the exchanges between their offices. This technological breakthrough enables them to integrate the most advanced management tools into their product treatment process.

This constantly changing tool is furthermore endorsed by the “metrology and systems validation” office.  In this way, they can immediately react to any measured difference in relation to any higher quality standards to those in force; in notably respecting the cold chain. All their premises as well as all their providers’ vehicles are equipped with temperature sensors which enable feedback in real time.

Their warehouses and their packaging lines for standard packages and picking are already using on a daily basis with the most innovative technologies in the management of stock removal (smart tags, radiofrequency, Datamatrix,…) by scrupulously abiding the FEFO rules ((First Expired First Out ) and  FIFO (First In First Out).


Wrapped up and Weighed :

CONTROL PONDERAL - P1180464M_2.jpg

Because no system is infallible and because it’s better to be safe than CSP has integrated weight controlling devices within their packaging lines  in order to ensure that no package leaves their premises if its real weight does not match its expected weight . Any detected discrepancy redirects the package towards the specific audit area to be controlled.


Maximum Traceability:

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CSP carry out a full follow-up of the products entrusted to them from their arrival on their premises thru to delivery to their customer recipients.  Any handling of the product feeds a data base which can be consulted by their customer services.


Available and customized customer services

We take pride in dealing with all calls and requests in the shortest time. In order to do this we have decided to give you a one to one customer service:  the principle is simple as your file is handled by a unique contact dedicated to laboratories.


A Permanent Service:

CSP has long had a on-call unit operating 24/7/365 so as to provide you with urgent orders in the shortest time.

Lastly so as to provide you with a permanent service, CSP have put in place an efficient disaster recovery plan providing amongst other services the mobilizing of our different warehouses with the use of cross-docking, so that no event could cut off the delivery of recipient customers.


Recall of batches

As a pharmaceutical depository CSP have put in place all along the public health chain for benefit of its actors quick and transparent Recall of Medical Batches Plans to be enacted on on the orders from our laboratory customers.


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All instructions and operatory modes are at hand for all members of our CSP staff at the levels of the Quality & Environment Manual as well as through the Intraqual numeric library network.

For the most demanding of their laboratories CSP provide, a 24h a day monitoring service, for a quick and coordinated intervention.