CSP-Movianto employ around 1 600 people across all sites, their activity as a pharmaceutics depository includes a large range of trades all compatible one with the other.  This enables them to serve on a daily basis some 80 000 customer addressees.



Career path development

Training, in-house advancement and career development are all a reality at CSP-Movianto.

In-house organisation at CSP-Movianto as well as the annual individual employee appraisals highlight the talents of each and everyone. This is the moment to analyse your skills and examine your expectations in order to plan together your career path.

This is why 80% of their supervisors and managerial staff come from Production and Transport.

All the job vacancies within CSP-Movianto are offered as a first priority to their own staff which lets each one discover different trades all along their career paths.

Handing down all know-how from one to another is preparing for the future.

Every year we allow the young employees to enter qualifying training programmes which enables them to gain a trade of the future thanks to work-study contracts.


Gender equality index 2020 

Movianto/CSP are two structures that have always been attentive to Gender Equality issues.

CSP obtained the score of 88 out of 100 points on the Gender Equality Index for the calendar year 2020. 

This score exemplifies the effectiveness of a management approach that pays special attention on a daily basis to the situation of CSP's male and female employees. However, the actual situation goes far beyond a "score" which alone cannot provide an accurate picture of the issues related to the human relations and the "management" of CSP's Female and Male employees. The real picture is one of Integrity which is part of our values and has been the backbone of CSP for 70 years.  

The CSP website is also publishing this year the 2020 index of Movianto which has joined the Walden Group. Movianto's Gender Equality Index comes out at 91 out of 100 points.  This reflects the same care and attention paid to the issue as CSP, holding out the promise of a bright future for the Movianto/CSP teams.
Movianto/CSP intend to pursue their commitment to gender equality as a matter of course.