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Reverse logistics and return management

In order to ensure you the upmost quality service CSP have an in-house   team dedicated to the management of recalled products. Great attention is given over to each and every file by their operators who verify the recalled products and feedback the information to the customer services who will then suggest the solution the most adapted to your needs.

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In line with the quality instructions established by the pharmacist from their laboratories they manage the cases of recall and exchange, spontaneous returns, and according to the case in question, the integral destruction of the product in respect of the Good Pharmaceutical Distribution Practices.

Products judged not to be in conformity are physically isolated from the products intended for sale.

The inter-connection IT system of their services enables the quick and efficient management of your file and ensures a customized follow-up

This organisation enables their staff to be particularly reactive during the recall procedures or withdrawals of batches on the decision of the public health agencies or from the laboratories.