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Security approach

Security approach

Products security

As a depository in pharmaceutical logistics and distribution, CSP has for mission to ensure the integrity of the products that are entrusted to them.

Temperature Control

All CSP premises respect the latest standard in force, and are equipped with temperature control units.

In the case of a non compliant temperature being detected the IT alarm system warns the people in charge of the “automatic metrology-validation services” so as to remediate the issue as soon as possible (this system is valid both for cold chambers as well as  the premises at a room temperature of between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.).

Air Quality Control

The warehouses are also equipped with air filters and anti dust coverings so as to limit to a maximum the risk of contamination from particles from outside.

Fire Prevention Devices

All their premises are equipped with tele-monitoring Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems as well as  sprinklers with the option ESFR.

Access Control


All our warehouses are situated in enclosed guarded areas or placed under the control of tele-monitoring.  All of them are equipped with tele-monitoring systems against any intrusion.

Access to all their premises is obtained through the IT control system with personal badges. Every employee has an access card according to their responsibilities and their authorised work area.




CSP - SGS_ISO_45001_TCS_HR - 3X3-120.jpg

CSP are in the process of conforming their services to comply with the requirements of the accreditation ISO 45 001.


Our objectives

  • suppress and/or reduce risks to health for any internal or external person who have to be exposed to any risks during his presence in our company
  • respect security at work rules
  • prevent and reply to any urgent situation.