Whether to need an express delivery or mail transport, cold transport or room temperature transport, or secured transport, we can meet all your needs.

For over 60 years CSP has been an expert in pharmaceutical logistics and has established over the years a loyal and reliable network of service providers. Moreover CSP was at the outset of the founding of a transport network devoted to healthcare products: EUROTRANSPHARMA which has given them proven experience in specific organisation with major assets unique on this market.


All CSP’s hauliers are regularly audited and use all the up-to-date tracking techniques in transport so that the whole fleet of vehicles are equipped with a geo-located radar image in real time and all the cold transport vehicles are monitored by temperature sensors so as ensure that the transported products do not undergo any rupture in the cold chain.

The Public Health Code, notably Article R. 5124-63-1 imposes required quality criteria in the delivery of pharmaceutical products.

Article R.5124-48 du Code de la Santé Publique:

“Companies and organizations mentioned in the article R.5124-2 take all the required measures to ensure that the transport and delivery of medicines and other pharmaceutical products are undertaken with a view to guaranteeing their good conservation , their integrity and their security.”

What’s more, transport operations are in compliance with Distribution Good Practices together with the recommendations in the Transport Good Practices edited in the Fellowship of Pharmacists.

CSP’s IT system applies the transport plan for carriers to guarantee the true mastering of the flow of logistics.

  • Room Temperature Transport:
    • Mail transport: Nationwide deliveries within 48/72 hours
    • Express:  Nationwide deliveries  D +1 
  • Cold Transport:
    • Nationwide deliveries in positive cold at temperatures between +2C / +8 C dispatched at d+1 (excluding Corsica) with remote temperature control. 
  • Transport +15°C/+25°C 
    • Positive cold transport +2°C/+8°C delivered at Day+1 ( Corsica excluded) Express, with distant temperature tracking or Standard freight service 48/72 hours
    • Positive temperature transport +15°C/+25°C delivered at Day+1 ( Corsica excluded) Express, with distant temperature tracking or Standard freight service 48/72 hours 
  • Sensitive Products:
    • Nationwide deliveries through secured freight transport
  • Specific transport for Displays to pharmacies
    • Nation wide deliveries with specific care for unloading truck and put display to pharmacies with waste collection service
  • International Transport


CSP undertake the whole of their operations in compliance with and according to the specific procedures of the products, validated by the constituents.

An on-call system is in place at night and on weekends, outside opening hours and bank holidays to handle urgent orders.