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  • PRESS RELEASE - MOVIANTO - 20/01/2022




Movianto, now incorporated into CSP, bolsters its leading position in France and Europe


18 months on from Movianto being bought up by Walden, its  French subsidiary merged with Centre Spécialités Pharmaceutiques (CSP) on 1 January 2022 to become the market leader in France. Its activities will be carried out under the trading title of Movianto France. 

The reason for this strategic choice is driven by the Walden Group's will to build a consolidated healthcare logistics business in Europe. Although Movianto has been established in 11 countries for several years, the Walden group has made no secret of its ambitions to extend its reach beyond the territories already covered by its operations.  
In the interests of continuity, the CSP name will be retained for the MA operation, import and control laboratory activities, which are subject to the French regulation requirements. 


Bertrand Bourgogne, Chairman of Movianto France, said:

"We have taken the time to see our project through to completion with the necessary oversight and control to maintain the strengths of our companies both in terms of our human resources and the quality of all our work with our customers. The combination of our know-how and expertise means that we can create a new market momentum by delivering the most comprehensive range of services to healthcare companies of all sizes." 

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Movianto France leads the way in logistics services dedicated to healthcare products with the largest warehousing and order-picking capacities: 3 logistics hubs totalling 300,000 m², more than 300,000 pallets of pharmaceutical products and medical devices at controlled temperatures (+15°C/+25°C) and 15,000 pallets at cold temperatures (+2°C/+8°C, -21°C), and extensive new capacities for highly sensitive medicinal products. 
At present, Movianto France serves the logistics needs of 250 companies, both in France and abroad. 

Movianto Europe's ability to provide centralised or decentralised logistics in several countries is a key strength tapped into by the healthcare products industry. The market seeks to secure its stocks as close as possible to the healthcare facilities. Backed by an integrated temperature-controlled transport network, Movianto is now the must-have stakeholder in the healthcare supply chain. 


Bertrand Bourgogne added,:

“I aim to create centres of excellence adapted to our target segments: pharmaceuticals, home healthcare products and medical devices, to continue to develop automation in our facilities and to provide innovative services for the hospital and patient markets. In the long term, to develop the legacy entrusted to me by Stéphane Baudry, Chairman of the Walden Group and grandson of the founder. "



30 million has been invested in France in Movianto's infrastructures and equipment, as well as in rolling out technological tools developed within the Walden Group.