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Authentication – security

Authentication security

The introduction of data matrix and the use of SSCC allow the CSP logistics coordinator to improve its processes and provide a high level of service every day

Digital technology at the heart of operations ensures product identity and traceability

  • Unique IDs;
  • Identification of units;
  • Unique pallet numbers;
  • Unique package numbers;
  • ID of each operator and person involved;
  • Time tags for each movement per person involved;
  • Authentication of customer products;
  • Identification of a package, pallet;
  • Association of temperature, location, time ;
  • Geolocating of flows; 
  • Product security in pharmaceutical warehouses;
  • Product security within dedicated pharmaceutical transport networks; 
  • Real-time flow monitoring;
  • Tool for ticketing and centralisation of calls, incident reports, etc.