CSP Benelux

Precision and flexibility working on behalf of the pharmaceutical supply chain

Precision and flexibility working on behalf of the pharmaceutical supply chain in the Benelux

CSP BENELUX is a leading provider for the storage and distribution of health products in the Benelux. CSP Benelux supplements the offering of CSP France and provides healthcare professionals with the meticulous, efficient and economical logistics they require.

Whether your products are intended for human or animal consumption in the Benelux or internationally, and whether your products need to be kept chilled or at ambient temperatures (+15°+25 °C), CSP Benelux prides itself on always developing tailored, personalised services for its laboratory customers, from processing orders, through to invoicing.




The services provided by CSP Benelux include:

  • Management and traceability of batches (FEFO);
  • Management of narcotics and psychotropics;
  • Storage:
    • Ambient (+15°/+25 °C),
    • Positive chilled (+2°/+8 °C),
    • Negative chilled (-20°),
  • Highly secure;
    • Management of consignments received (random checks before release);
    • Preparation of orders using radio frequency;
    • Customer service (order entry, management of commercial terms, handling and traceability of calls, multilingual call centre, resolution of queries);
    • EDI integration with various ERP systems, including SAP, AXAPTA, BAAN, ROSS, BPCS;
    • EDI Intégration with edi-health-org.be (wholesalers and hospitals)
    • Logistics of clinical trials;
    • Logistics of free samples to doctors;
    • Invoicing and debt recovery;
    • Production (secondary packing, labelling, notices, kitting, etc.);
    • Management and monitoring of shipments;
    • Reporting and VPN access to operating data, monitoring of personalised statistics via the Web;
    • Monitoring of quality indicators.



Every problem and issue is different and every commercial strategy needs to be supported by logistics that are totally in line with the company’s objectives and the individual promises made to each of its customers.

Drawing on its wealth of experience, CSP Benelux is constantly adjusting its organisation and applying its considerable professionalism to fit in with the needs of every project. This might include running individual campaigns, depending on the various sales promotion cycles, or more regular supply flows in large volumes or retail distribution.

CSP Benelux is a 100% subsidiary of CSP France. It uses the same information system, mirrors the same working methods and quality management processes and benefits from the all of the resources and skills applied by the CSP Group, which has been the market leader in France for 60 years.

CSP Benelux employs multilingual staff with extensive experience in the Benelux of receiving health products, storing and preparing them for shipment and then tracking their progress to the point of delivery.


Since 2017 February, CSP Benelux is certified ISO 9 001 et ISO 13 485.


Certification CSP BENELUX - ISO 9 001  

Certification CSP BENELUX - ISO 13 485



CSP Benelux in figures

26,200 m²
10,600 m²
9,000 pallets
storage + 15°C / +25°C
900 pallets
storage + 2°C / +8°C
6.6 M€
turnover 2017
packages shipped
orders handled

CSP Benelux

Complexe Magna Park, Chemin de la reconversion 19, 7110 Houdeng Goegnies, Belgique | Phone : +32(0)64 23 99 10

CSP Benelux is ideally located near the intersection of the main roads between Germany and France (E42) and France and Holland (E19) in the heart of “Pharma Valley", to the south of Brussels. From its logistics platform at Houdeng-Goegnies (La Louvière), orders from hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacies, care centres and doctors are delivered D+1 across the whole of the Benelux.