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Global digital solution

With Digital CSP, we provide our customers with support in taking charge of their digital project related to healthcare products.  The complexity and abundance of data exchanges between centralising bodies, tollers, pharmaceutical laboratories and providers of encoding, hosting and certification of digital healthcare data make it difficult to set up logistic projects including new technologies in laboratories.

Digital CSP helps to build an End-to-End services solution to manage traceability and the physical and digital safety of living beings, products and data.

In addition to the recruitment, training and monitoring of its employees’ activities, CSP has always used new technologies to extend human actions. Computerisation at CSP is a key component on which the storage of each movement in the warehouses is based. The conveyance of packages and the management of sorting chains have helped to reach extremely high levels of quality. The advent of digital solutions makes it possible to go even further, by opening up new potential for traceability, memorisation of an action and the systematic and automatic recognition of packages.

Miniature radio frequency antennas can be "printed" at the same time as the traditional labels affixed to packages, or even built in to the cartons. These systems are able to guarantee and certify their presence at a given location in the warehouse; they also not only help to track the movement and presence of packages on pallets before loading and during transport but also to find them again in full when delivered. These tags also make it possible to introduce other information such as temperature recording, the opening of a package, etc. These “smart” labels will be able to be read and identified at a given time anywhere in the world.

Digital technology reinforces our actions and in doing so improves quality, combats counterfeiting and opens up new avenues to provide, at the end of the day, a better service to healthcare professionals and better care for patients.

Solution digitale globale

Today, CSP provides laboratories with a pharmaceutical, commercial and financial logistics solution.

The integration of new digital technologies rounds off certain logistic processes and helps to develop new value-added services for laboratories and all their customers whether direct or indirect.

  • Logistics to professionals (wholesalers – distributor – pharmacies)
  • Services to healthcare professionals (prescribing physicians and specialists – paramedical professions)
  • Services to patients

The insertion of appropriate electronic tags on packages and in boxes of medicinal products opens up opportunities for traceability, authentication, remote tracking, data collection, dissemination of personalised certified messages and interconnectivity with connected devices.

CSP, with its partner Digital CSP, suggests analysing your needs regarding the security, authentication and tracking the use of products right through to the patient. A digital solution will be put forward so you can take part in building new value-added healthcare models.