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CSP has always been a pioneer in providing complete solutions that meet the highest levels of quality requirements. Firstly by using technological means adapted to the health product supply chain and then by introducing digital technology into the heart of its pharmaceutical processes. 

The complexity and multiplicity of data exchanges between centralising agencies, manufacturers, pharmaceutical laboratories, encryption and hosting organisations and digital health data certification organisations make it difficult to set up supply chain projects. CSP has set up project management methods that make it possible to support and extend the actions of laboratories by providing complete solutions from receipt of products in the pharmaceutical warehouses to delivery to the customer with the guarantee of complete traceability throughout the supply chain.

Beyond the recruitment, training and monitoring of its employees and their activities, CSP has always used new technologies to extend the human actions. Computerisation at CSP is a fundamental element on which the memorisation of each movement within the warehouses is based. The transport of packages and the management of sorting lines have made it possible to achieve very high levels of quality. The arrival of digital solutions drives this further by opening up new possibilities for traceability, memorisation of an action, automatic and systematic recognition of packages and movements.

The use of data matrix paves the way for new control and information sharing possibilities.

Solution digitale globale

Digital technology strengthens our actions in order to constantly improve quality, fight against counterfeiting and open new ways to ultimately provide a better service.

Today, CSP provides laboratories with completely transparent pharmaceutical, commercial and financial logistics accessible in real time via a secure Extranet. Access to information in near-real time is an asset for both the laboratory and CSP, which together share the same data at the same time to manage all actions.

The integration of new digital technologies makes it possible to complete certain logistics processes and develop new value-added services for laboratories and all their direct and indirect customers.

  • Logistics to professionals (wholesalers - distributors - pharmacies - hospitals) CSP Web Access;
  • Remote monitoring of the stages of the supply chain process from order to delivery;
  • Assistance in acceptance and unpacking;
  • Assistance in reporting anomalies online;
  • Printing of delivery notes and invoices;
  • Paperless invoices.