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As both growth and development of companies is realized throughout Europe and abroad; and as customers and suppliers are not always located in the same countries, CSP has over several years now developed a unit dedicated to importing and exporting operations.

Bolstered by their experience on the French national territory, CSP challenged themselves to offering a specialized, multilingual logistics organisation which knows no boundaries.

Today CSP manage the exporting of your goods to over 100 countries.

Men and women from CSP International partake in your projects and accompany you in carrying them out.  Whether it’s to help you establish yourself on a foreign market, or organise transport operations at the other end of the planet, our team will support you in all your steps.

Our people have also the ability to manage documentary credits to ensure, during an international operation, for the buyer as well as for the vendor, the benefit of maximal financial security.


CSP is a first-rate partner for your projects:



We aim to guarantee this first-rate service to your customers.

The lifeblood of our mission is to remove all obstacles from your path and put all our strength into reaching your objectives and simplifying your tasks.

Our long term involvement in Good Distribution Practices not only allows us to make use of our ISO 9001 : certification but also to be assigned an approval as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) in Security and Safety.

CSP has qualified Customs Bonded Warehouses which allows them to benefit from simplified administrative procedures and so therefore to act more quickly on your behalf (Customs Clearance available in your country).


Strategic Locations for a boader network:

Since being historically implanted in Auvergne, SCP has widely broadened their network.

In the 90’s the company set up business  in a close Parisian suburb a couple of door away from Charles de Gaulle airport which enables if need be to deploy multi modes of transport circuits, which confer a first-rate location for importing and exporting.

In 2008 to align with their customers’ needs CSP founded their BENELUX branch and in so doing they are recognised in their European pharmaceutical depository positioning.


Focus on the AEO Certification: Security and Safety.

Logo AEO

Throughout the community territory we can say that CSP satisfies:

  • Customs compliance
  • Archiving Standards and  Financial solvency
  • Applies adequate security and safety standards

This certification is close to a  mark of customs quality 


This certification accords CSP amongst others the following right:

  • information from the Customs Authorities of physical inspection at the level of safety/security prior to arrival of goods; and,  after the customs clearance,  they can do the declaration formalities or be controlled by the Imports Officer.
  • Reduced data requirements for brief declarations included in Article 14 ter paragraph 3,  Development Assistance Committee (DAC)
  • Fewer physical and documentary inspections
  • Priority treatment in case of being selected at customs controls and the right to ask for the inspection to be carried out at a particular location.


Customs Export Formalities intended for Pharmaceutical Goods

The expertise of CSP in importing and exporting and the putting in place of Customs Conventions allows them to propose the best solutions in the management of your international flow of goods.

  • Shipment and direct reception of products, without going through customs clearance so that the flow of good is not held up or delayed.
  • High  customs bonded pharmaceutics storage capacity (in the vicinity of Roissy and Lyons)
  • The full mastering of customs procedures and pharmaceutics: release for consumption, VAT management, duties and taxes, temporary admission, continual development, customs bonded warehouse, final export…
  • Customs release ( licensed exporter, Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)