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Pharmaceutical Control Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Control Laboratory

The CSP control laboratory holds the status of a pharmaceuticals business for the activities of  manufacturing and importing of products destined for human and veterinary usage.  Moreover it is also certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Above all the CSP control laboratory is an efficient technical team which has always been sensitive to the healthcare industrial processes and this is thanks to a pharmaceutical supervision as well as a perfect knowledge of the GMP guidelines and the articles of the French code of the public health.

Our range of our qualified and monitored  machinery in compliance with BMP is adaptable to all industrial needs and is made up of amongst others the 8 HPLC (Detector Uv and RID), 2 CPG  (of head space)spectrophotometers IR,UV/VIS/NIR, dissolving bath, D-class controlled atmosphere zone, microbiological safety cabinets, Karl Fisher, disintegration testeur, hardness tester.




Main physico-chemical controls:

  • Transfer of analytical methods
  • Control according to part  3.2 P 5.1 et 3.2 P 5.2 file of the Marketing Authorisation (MA)  in view to the releasing of batches of pharmaceutical specialities following the importing of products from outside the EU
  • Dissolution testing 
  • Disintegration of tablets, capsules, suppositories and ovules
  • Water content
  • Galenic Form testing
  • Complete monograph according to European pharmacopeia



Main microbiological controls:

  • Validation of microbiological control methods
  • Controls of non sterile microbiological products
  • Titration of antibiotics
  • Test for efficacy of antimicrobial preservation
  • Microbiological control of cosmetic products according the AFNOR  standards (microbiological enumeration and searching for specific germs).
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