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Reception / inspection

Depositories are often the last intermediary before marketing any products.

The product reception stage enables a final inspection to be made before being put on sale:

  • Checking temperatures
  • Taking samples
  • Checking samples taken (information on the boxes, leaflets, etc.)
  • Checking the legibility of data matrix codes.

CSP’s pharmaceutical warehouses are equipped with special docks and doors (lock chamber) to guarantee conservation conditions on reception (ambient temperatures, positive cold, negative cold).


Reception of products can be carried out in a bonded warehouse. It can also be carried out under pharmaceutical quarantine. Reception can be dependent on a temporary logistic blockage. CSP has an organisation that enables it to use particular statuses for reception and storage at the same time. These statuses are related to movement patterns that make it possible to satisfy the demands of pharmaceutical laboratories to perfection.

CSP has a quality control department able to carry out checks upon request of any laboratory. Specific protocols can be set up with appropriate documentation.

The use of digital technology also means, upon request, that it is possible to associate electronic tags to pallets so that highly sensitive products for example can be identified wherever they are located.

Product reception is a key stage in the distribution channel; it enables distribution to be continued or suspended if necessary.