About us

CSP, Your independant family business…

Marcel Baudry founded CSP which stands for « Centre Spécialities Pharmaceutiques » in 1951 in Clermont Ferrand, France. CSP becomes the firm’s licensed logistic and distribution holder thus taking in charge for laboratories their healthcare products from their production lines through to their warehousing and shipment.

With over sixty years experience in the Healthcare business, CSP becomes a leading provider to the  different actors on the healthcare market, developing complete, and customized solutions that  simplify  administrative procedures as well as the daily dispatching of healthcare products. 

Attentiveness, dialogue and adaptablity have led CSP to develop high customized performance solutions in line with market needs and with a staff serving and meeting all those needs CSP is today the French leading depository in logistics and distribution on the healthcare products market.


… knowing no bounderies

In 1975 CSP enlarge their geographical scope by opening a new plant in the Parisian area.

CSP position themselves as a major market actor and a true European company with the setting up of their CSP Benelux in 2008.

Thanks to their specialized international team carrying out orders in most countries CSP now serves on a worldwide scale.


  CSP, the leading pharmaceutical depository

The warehousing and handling of specialized pharmaceutical products demands the sheer mastering of logistic circuits.


An Efficient and Safe Service:

CSP has always been a big investor in high quality services together with high economic performance whilst constantly innovating in the state of the art of storing, haulage and IT.

This approach can be seen though our infrastructures which unite modernity, high storage capacity together with  high tech tools enabling maximum traceability.

CSP warehouses abide by all the standards in force: temperature controls, air processing, dust-proof coatings, ESFR sprinklers, burglar and fire alarms, telemonitoring systems, video surveillance systems, individual controlled access by electron badges, specific warehousing facilities enabling the best possible treatment for both room-temperature products (15/25°C) and at above  regulated and controlled 0° temperatures ( +2 /+8°C)  as well as at below 0° (-196°C).


Innovating at the service of quality:

Thanks to our industrial and far-sighted approach we at CSP have perfected a high value added overall logistic offer to meet the needs of all our laboratory customers. 

European leader, we at CSP have put in place high-tech logistics together with a full and safe offer for laboratories who require both an economic and overall solution.  The CSP offer is simply versatile and flexible.

The CSP ordering process is both partly computerized and automatic with very high performance controlling tools which enable our operators to guarantee our highest level of service.

The involvement of CSP in the respecting of the Manufacturing and Distribution Best Practices has not only enabled them to obtain highly demanding certification such as (ISO 9001), but also the acknowledgement of customs authorities by the means of the granting of the certification of customs bonded warehouses as well as the approval of a known consignor and more recently the Authorized Economic Operator Approval (AEO).


Highly demanding Standards aiming at high levels of services:

CSP proposes different haulage solutions so as to meet in the very best way the requirement of their customers.

So as to constantly improve their performance and their quality of service, CSP, whilst   researching the synergy between economy and ecology completely in line with their environmental certification (ISO 14001) select shipping providers through a rigorous catalogue of requirements.  This catalogue covers both CO2 emissions criteria and equipment constraints such as the obligation for transporters to provide geo localisation as well as tools to monitor, the temperature of shipped products, in real time.

All that information is taken into account by the IT system of CSP which enables them to exert perfect control over all the activities from reception to the delivery of the products.